How to carry out a hydraulic commissioning with Dualsun SPRING panels?


Whatever your hardware, the steps for commissioning a pressurized system with Dualsun SPRING panels are as follows:

  • Filling with water

  • Glycol filling

  • Pressure adjustment

  • Flow adjustment

  • Setting the back-up

Pressure adjustment

The steps of Filling with water, Glycol filling And Pressure adjustment are made according to which hydraulic transfer group is supplied. You will find the list of the main transfer groups below.

Click on the link under the hydraulic transfer unit to open the corresponding flow adjustment page.


Note: their difference lies mainly in having the filling/draining valves around the circulator or not, but this does not impact the efficiency of the installation.

Flow adjustment

The step of Flow adjustment depends on what control is supplied with the system. You will find the list of the main solar regulators below.

Click on the corresponding link to open the corresponding setting page.


Setting the back-up

Back-up regulation solar is not systematically necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the system. To understand the situations where back-up regulation is a necessity, please read the following page: When is it necessary to control the auxiliary heating with the Dualsun regulation?

If your system requires add-on control, you can follow the instructions at the links below, depending on the add-on type.

If you cannot find the make/model of your tank you can try to search directely on the search bar of our FAQ, and if you still don't find it please let us know on


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