KSW-E regulation : how to wire? How to adjust the flow?


As a reminder, (as summarized in this article) whatever your hardware, the steps to commission a pressurized system with DualSun SPRING panels are as follows:

  • Filling with water

  • Glycol filling

  • Pressure adjustment

  • Flow adjustment

  • Setting the back-up


Control wiring

The solar circulator (R2), the lower tank temperature sensor (T2) and the regulation power supply are pre-wired.

The panel outlet temperature sensor (T1) must be connected to terminal 1 and ground as shown in the following diagram.



The electrical connection diagram and the hydraulic diagram are taken from the KSW-E regulation user manual.

Wiring details

  • The regulation is supplied by connecting the two phases of the network to N (21) and L (22), the grounding is done on the green earth bar.

  • The temperature probe panel output re is connected to T1(1) and GND (no polarity)

  • The tank bottom temperature sensor is connected to T2(2) and GND (no polarity)

  • The circulation pump supply the two phases (28) and (N) and earth on the green contactor.

  • The circulation pump control signal is connected in this way; the white wire on Y2 (terminal 10), black wire on GND.


Flow adjustment

The flow adjustment is carried out in two stages.

  • Pump Circulation Speed ​​Changes

It is important to reduce the circulation speed of the pump to improve its life. For this it is necessary to force the circulation using the manual mode of the regulation.

Manual mode is located in the operating mode menu which has the “Power” symbol (see 4 - Access path for the settings)

Once the pump is running, go to the service parameter menu symbolized by an “S”, a wrench, and a screwdriver. Then on S3 “RPM regulation setting, then on parameter S3.5 which must be reduced to 70%

  • Flow reduction using the flow meter needle

Once the circulation speed has been reduced using the regulation, it is necessary to carry out a finer adjustment of the flow by closing the ball valve of the flow meter. The latter activates a valve that will reduce the flow.The flow rate is read on the lower edge of the float.

Access path for settings

You can watch the video for setting the menus of the OEG KSW-E regulation

Differential settings



Parameters de la regulation = solar station settings

Différences et hystérèse = delta and hysteresis

  • The factory code to modify these parameters is “0001”

  • The start differential is set by default at 12°C, it must be changed to 6°

  • The standstill differential is set by default to 4°C, it must be changed to 2°


Basic settings



Langue  = Language

Heure et date = time and date


Manual mode for flow adjustment



Mode de fonctionnement = Operating mode

Fonctionnement automatique = automatic mode

Arret de la regulation = stop 

Fonctionnement manuel = manual mode


Maximum pump speed



S = working settings

S1 = basic settings

S2 = other settings 

S3= RPM regulation configuration



Fonction description

Parameter description

Setting range

Default value



Setting the maximum speed of the R2 pump.
The setting only affects the speed regulation of the low consumption circulation pump.

60 + 100%


For more information regardingthe OEG KSW-E solar station, we invite you to consult user guide.

> For more information, see our article: How to carry out a hydraulic commissioning with DualSun SPRING panels?