Which solar controllers are compatible with Dualsun?



Dualsun panels SPRING are compatible with all solar regulators capable of controlling a water pump (known as a solar circulator) - ideally with a PWM signal to control its speed - based on the temperature difference measured between the solar line and the bottom of hot water tank.


In the Dualsun essential kit, you will find a PT1000 temperature sensor with a diameter of 4 mm (see its detailed technical characteristics) for insertion in the last SPRING panel of the line: to use this temperature sensor, the controller must be able to communicate with this type of temperature sensor.


Here are the different solar regulation models that you can find on a Dualsun solar station:



 If you use other solar regulators, the diameter of the sensor to be inserted into the SPRING Dualsun panel must be 4mm and its technology (PT, NTC etc) must be compatible with the brand of solar regulator used (see this article for more details).


To be compatible with Dualsun SPRING hybrid solar panels, the solar controller must be able to communicate with a PT1000 sensor.


The parameters for activating and deactivating the solar circulator must be :

  • DTON = 6 K

  • DTOFF = 2 K


The service flow rate to be set is 1 L/min/panel.