How is the temperature probe connected to the SPRING panel?



In order to Install the system, a PT1000 probe is provided in the essential kit for each DualSun installation. This probe is to be inserted into the designated location in the DualSun SPRING panel, as indicated in the installation manual or the assembly video.



SPRING 425: 5.5mm PT1000 probe

Install the temperature probe at the outlet of the last panel's heat exchanger, leaving only the crimping protruding at the head of the absorber as shown below.

Capture d'écran 2023-04-19 111649.png

Probe installation for SPRING 425



SPRING 400 and previous: 4mm PT1000 probe

Install the temperature probe at top of the exchanger of the last panel's, leaving only the crimping protruding as shown below.


Probe installation for SPRING 300, 315, 375 and 400



Technical specifications of the DualSun 4mm PT1000 temperature probe 4mm DualSun

The panel temperature probe provided in the DualSun essential kit is a PT1000 FKP4 probe whose technical characteristics are governed by the IEC 60751 standard, which defines the following characteristic equations:

  • between -200°C et 0°C
    R(t90) = R0[1 + At90 + Bt²90 + C(t90 - 100°C)t390]

  • between 0°C et 850°C
    R(t90) = R0[1 + At90 + Bt²90]

A = 3,9083 10-3°C-1

B = -5,775 10-7°C-2

C = -4,183 10-12°C-4

R0 = 1000 Ohm

Tolerance class B of the DualSun temperature probe determines the following admissible error:

Max delta= ± 0,30 °C + 0,0050 * | t90 |

You can check here the detail of ohmique values for this probe.


Compatibility with other probes 

For some coupling as with heat pump, any technology (PT1000,PT100,NTC etc) with a 4 or 5.5 mm diameter (depending on the SPRING model) can be used. 

If you are using DualSun regulation a PT1000 must be used. 


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