What is the required equipment for a solar swimming pool heating system with DualSun hybrid panels?


We can group the direct pool installation components as following : 

  1. DualSun panels (panels + hydraulic connections + pipes + mounting rails + inverter)

  2. Solar station group (pump + filter + non-return valve +  motorized 3-way valve + Tes + flowmeter + solar controller) 


You will find below the diagram for a direct solar swimming pool heating system with our DualSun SPRING hybrid solar panels.


  1. : Pool filtration pump

  2. : Sand filter

  3. : Motorized 3-way valve

  4. : DualSun BS/2 solar controller

  5. : Bypass adjustment valve Ø40

  6. : Non-return valve Ø40 

  7. : Ø40 flowmeter

  8. : Isolation valve Ø40 

  9. : T 50/40/40

  10. : Non-return valve Ø50

  11. : T 50/50/50

  12. : T 40/40/40 + Valve Ø32 + Threaded end 3/4 " 

  13. : T 50/40/40 + Solar ventilator

      (S1) : Panel temperature sensor

      (S2) : Swimming pool temperature sensor


1- Solar panels and their hydraulic connections


DualSun hybrid solar panels and their hydraulic connections include :  

  • DualSun SPRING panels*

  • The panel temperature sensor PT1000 FKP4 (solar panels → solar station), provided and included in the essential kit (see below)

  • The hydraulic connection between panels : 

  • The DualQuick Fit* interpanels connectors (built on an EPDM hose), allows the hydraulic connection between the panels.

  • SPRING inlet / outlet fittings kit*. This is used to connect the EPDM hose to the system’s pipework.


Regarding the pipe material between the panels and the rest of the system, we advise you to use PVC pressure pipes***, with an anti-UV treatment. For the aesthetic of the system, it is possible to paint these PVC pipes with a good quality paint (anti-UV if possible).


And, like any photovoltaic project : 


2- Solar station

The solar station is usually located in a plant room, near the swimming pool. It maintains and drives the fluid flow between the panels and the pool. It includes :


  • Solar regulation** (for example : BS/2))


The solar regulation controls how the 3 way valves operates :



When the motor is stopped at 0%, the flow must be directed towards the filtration loop (L-shaped valve oriented between position 2 and 1). 


When the motor is running at 100%, the flow must be directed towards the solar collectors (L-shaped valve directed between position 2 and 3).


  1. Solar controller (here : DualSun BS/2)

  2. Motorized 3-way valve

  3. Pool filtration pump

  4. Sand filter


  • Hydraulic pipes


From the first diagram, elements (3) to (11) are parts of the “Solar pool heating kit”**, and are mandatory for any direct heating pool installation. 


From the first diagram, elements (12) and (13) are parts of the “Solar emptying and rinsing kit”**** and are only mandatory where there is a risk of frost.


Every DualSun installation comes with a DualSun essential kit* consisting of : 


Finally, we can divide this equipment into 4 categories, whether it is made and/or commercialized by DualSun:


Required and provided by DualSun only* 

Required and potentially provided by DualSun**

Required and not provided by DualSun*** 

Optional and potentially provided by DualSun**** 


  • Solar pool heating kit

(including : BS/2 solar regulator and a temperature sensor for the pool : S2)

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