Can the Dualsun Spring be installed in portrait or landscape mode (or both)?


Please note, it is very important to distinguish our two generations of SPRING: The SPRING3 with its polymer exchanger and the SPRING4 with its aluminum exchanger.


The DualSun SPRING4 panel can ONLY be installed in portrait mode.


The DualSun SPRING3 panel can be installed:

  • either portrait (cold water inlet bottom left)


  • either landscape(cold water inlet at bottom right)



  • either (but it is not recommended because it is more complex) by combining portrait panel fields and landscape panel fields : it is then important to respect the following points:

    • there cannot be portrait and landscape panels in the same hydraulic group (there is therefore either a whole portrait group or a whole landscape group)

    • the hydraulic panel groups must all be in parallel (as usual)

    • multi-field balancing must be respected (see more details here

    • cold and hot entry into the panel groups must be respected (cold water entry is in a different location in portrait and landscape, see details here)

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Please note, the Dualsun SPRING3 panel is self-draining when installed in portrait (for a direct pool system open circuit for example), but it is not when in landscape.