Is Dualsun compatible with Vitocal (Viessmann) compact heat pumps?


Yes, the Dualsun SPRING panels are compatible with some Vitocal heat pumps from Viessmann.


To install our panels with this type of equipment, it is obviously necessary to take the version compatible with a solar system.


Thermodynamic water heater 

  • Vitocal 060-A T0S with integrated solar heat exchanger : SPRING panels preheat the domestic hot water. See our specific FAQ here.


Air-to-water heat pump

  • Vitocal 242-S which has a DHW tank including a solar exchanger : the Dualsun SPRING panels then heat the bottom of the DHW tank.

  • Vitocal 200-A + double heat exchanger DHW tank (Vitocell 100-B for example): the Dualsun SPRING panels then heat the water in the bottom of the DHW tank via the lower exchanger.

  • Vitocal 222-S + single exchanger solar DHW tank: the Dualsun SPRING panels then pre-heat the DHW. The output of the solar tank is to be connected to the input of the tank integrated into the indoor unit of the heat pump.


Water-to-water heat pump

  • Vitocal 242-G with domestic hot water tank including a solar heat exchanger : SPRING panels preheat the domestic hot water

  • Vitocal 222-G without any solar heat exchanger, our panels are used as the cold source of the heat pump (evaporator side) : Dualsun SPRING panels provide thermal energy to the heat pump to produce space heating and domestic hot water (more information about heat pump coupling).


Our Dualsun SPRING Panels are compatible with these previous systems, nevertheless, for optimum solar panel production, priority should be given to the solar control logic via the VIESSMANN controller in order to bring the highest amount of heat from the panels.


Dualsun neither offers nor endorses any activity that would lead to a warranty restriction on its panel when implemented with this type of system. The general instructions relating to the commissioning our panels must still be respected so that our guarantees apply.

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