Can Dualsun SPRING panels be placed in landscape on a direct pool heating installation?


Yes, if the facility is located geographically in an area without any risk of frost.


DualQuickfit of nominal diameter 26 are only available in the portrait configuration. This has 2 major implications:

  • Panels are installed in a column shape (see picture below)

  • Draining is impossible. It therefore needs to be in a place where there is absolutely no risk of frost.





Zone with  risk of frost



Zone without  risk of frost



* Note: Dualsun DualQuickfit DN26 links for direct pool heating are only available in portrait.


As a reminder : In the case of a direct pool heating system :

  • Pool water circulates directly into the Dualsun SPRING panels.

  • In case of frost, the panels can therefore be damaged if they are filled with water.

  • The direct pool heating system has been designed to allow the overwintering of the installation by draining the panels through the draining kit.




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