Is the DualSun SPRING panel compatible with pool water?



It is important to distinguish between our two generations of SPRING currently available:

  • The SPRING3, with its polymer exchanger, sold from July 2022 in the following versions:

    • SPRING 425 Shingle Black insulated - DSTI425M12-B320SBB7

    • SPRING 425 Shingle Black non-insulated - DSTN425M12-B320SBB7

  • The SPRING4 with its aluminum exchanger, marketed from May 2024 in the following versions:

    • SPRING4 425 TOPCon insulated - DSTI425-108M10TB-03

    • SPRING4 425 TOPCon non-insulated - DSTN425-108M10TB-03

    • SPRING4 425 TOPCon with fins - DSTF425-108M10TB-03

For more details on the specifications of the models, you can refer to the dedicated article:

What material is used for the SPRING panel heat exchanger?



DualSun SPRING4 panel is not designed for a direct pool heating system. Indeed the heat exchanger in aluminum is only compatible with glycoled water.


Yes. The heat exchanger of hybrid SPRING panel is made of polypropylene: therefore it is compatible with both chlorinated (hypochlorous acid) and saline (sodium chloride) water.

Note that chlorinated or salt water only circulates in a DualSun installation that is in “direct pool” configuration.

In this case all pipes and fittings will be compatible with chlorinated or salt water.

The materials used are:

  • EPDM in the inter-panel flexible hoses

  • Polypropylene in the DualQuickfit inter-panel fittings

  • PVC pressure pipe in the pipes, valves, and fittings of the solar circuit

To prevent chlorine gas formation, a check valve is positioned to prevent the water in the panels from draining back into the pool.

This keeps water in the panels at all times but requires them to be completely drained at the time of wintering.

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