How many DualSun SPRING3 panels are needed to heat a pool?


 For solar pool heating, the formula recommended by DualSun (and used by the MyDualSun platform) is as follows:

Number of DualSun panels  = Geographic coefficient .  Pool area / Panel area


  • Geographic coefficient =
    0.5 if the installation is located in Europe south of 45°45’N
    0.75 if the installation is located north of 45°45’N

  • Uninsulated SPRING 310 panel surface area = 1.66 m²

For example:

Pool area [m²]




Number of panels

North of 45.45°




South of 45.45°




Note 1: the latitude 45°45’ corresponds to the latitude of Lyon, France

Note 2: the latitude 45°45’ corresponds approximately to an annual mean solar radiation on a horizontal surface of 1300 kWh/m²/year


Following these recommendations, DualSun panels will generally lengthen the swimming season by about 3 months each year (1 ½ months before and 1 ½ months after the regular swimming season).

If your pool is already heated, then of course your swimming season can be even longer, as the pool will be heated by an electric heat pump as well. The photovoltaic electricity generation of your DualSun panels will make up for a large part of the heat pump’s power consumption.

The hot water production of the DualSun panels will also lighten the load on the heat pump, increasing its service life and greatly reducing its consumption.

Note : Overflowing pools have higher energy requirements than a traditional pool with the same surface area. It may therefore be wise to oversize the number of panels for an overflowing pool compared to the recommended ratio.


DualSun has developed the MyDualSun energy simulation tool to allow you to size your installation.

MyDualSun allows you to accurately estimate the thermal and photovoltaic kWh your installation will produce based on the geographical location, the number of panels, and the size of the pool.

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