Are Dualsun SPRING panels compatible with the HITACHI YUTAKI S COMBI heat pump?


Yes, Dualsun SPRING hybrid panels can be coupled with the HITACHI YUTAKI air/water heat pump.


The coupling configuration depends on the Air/Water heat pump model.

Range Yutaki combi 

  • YUTAKI H Combi

  • YUTAKI S Combi

  • YUTAKI S Combi 2.0 

  • YUTAKI S80 Combi

These heat pumps integrate a domestic hot water tank with a single exchanger, coupling with our SPRING panels requires the adding a DHW tank upstream dedicated to the sun (see configuration 3 of our online article).





  • YUTAKI S 2.0

  • YUTAKI S80

These heat pumps do not incorporate tank for hot water (DHW), coupling requires the addition of a DHW tank with double exchanger: the solar circuit must be connected to the lower exchanger of the DHW tank, the upper exchanger will be dedicated to the production circuit of the heat pump (see configuration 2 of our online article).

This DHW tank must incorporate a free glove finger at the level of the solar exchanger (ideally in the middle) to insert the “bottom of tank” sensor (S2 of our SLL DualSun regulation) essential for controlling the solar thermal circuit.


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