Are Dualsun SPRING panels compatible with HELIOPAC heat pumps?


Yes, Dualsun SPRING panels are compatible with Heliopac water/water solar heat pumps.


The solution heliopacsystem+ by Heliopac combines uninsulated Dualsun SPRING solar panels with water-water heat pumps producing collective domestic hot water (collective housing, company restaurants, gymnasiums, swimming pools, hotels, etc.)


Dualsun SPRING panels produce electricity through their front face and collect heat from the sun and the atmosphere (by exchanging with the air in the absence of sun - day and night and in summer and winter) by their back side. This heat directly feeds the evaporator of the Heliopac water-water heat pump which transfers it to the domestic hot water at a higher temperature level. This water is stored in one or more buffer tanks.


This combination achieves an overall solar coverage rate of 90% while improving the electrical production of photovoltaic cells cooled by the heat transfer fluid by 5 to 10% thanks to the heat exchanger integrated into the back of the SPRING panels (DualBoost effect).


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