Can DualSun SPRING panels be connected to a geothermal installation?


Yes, DualSun hybrid panels can be coupled with geothermal probes to store the sun's energy underground to power a heat pump and significantly improve its performance.

Indeed, during the winter, the heat pump via geothermal probes draws calories from the ground to supply itself: the basement is therefore colder at the end of winter than at the beginning.

Since geothermal probes are very deep (between 100 and 200 m), the subsoil does not necessarily recharge with enough calories during the summer.Thus, from winter to winter, a geothermal heat pump loses efficiency.

To overcome this problem, DualSun SPRING panels can be connected to geothermal probes to forward to the basement the heat they pick up.

The objective of this combination of geothermal energy + SPRING panels is to store in the ground solar heat produced during the sunniest months. It is a form of seasonal thermal energy storage, it's ecological and economical!This system therefore makes it possible to capture, store and recover energy in a single system.

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When coupled with SPRING hybrid panels, and more photovoltaic electricity self-consumed,a solar heat stored in the basement makes it possible to significantly improve the performance of the geothermal heat pump and thus achieve a very high energy coverage of buildings.

  • In winter period, when the heat pump produces domestic hot water and heating, the hybrid solar panels cover part of its electricity consumption and improve its performance by preheating the coolant in the cold primary circuit.

  • In the summer period, when the heat pump produces domestic hot water, the hybrid solar panels cover a greater part of its electricity consumption and, when the hot water needs are satisfied, the excess heat generated by the hybrid panels regenerates the below-ground and makes it more efficient next winter.

Several configurations are possible depending on constraints and needs,he main configuration is as follows:


The details of the possible configurations with hybrid panels are detailed in this FAQ: Are DualSun (PVT) hybrid panels compatible with water/water heat pumps?

For information: A mixing valve is necessary to avoid too high temperatures in the basement. The temperature limit depends on the regulations in force in each country (in France for example, when it comes to geothermal probes, the maximum temperature is40 °C).

The heat exchanger is necessary in cases where the heat transfer fluid of the primary circuit of the heat pump does not contain antifreeze (the case can be encountered in particular in renovated buildings).

For a refill calorie basement 100%, we can anticipate approximately 1 m² of hybrid panel for 5 mL of geothermal probe. More accurate sizing is to be done imperatively by a design office which will take into account the characteristics of the soil and the project.


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