Which glycols are compatible with SPRING4 panels?


DualSun SPRING4 panels are compatible with many glycols. 

In order to have good protection against frost we recommend using a coolant with the following characteristics

  • ready to use:already mixed with the correct concentration of glycol depending on the geographic area of ​​the installation

  • Effect anti corrosion

  • glycol with the lowest possible viscosity in negative temperatures

Here are the glycol references already validated with the aluminum exchanger of the SPRING4 panel:


  • Antifrogen® SOL HT (Clariant International Ltd)

  • Coracon Sol 5 et Coracon Sol 5F (Aqua Concept GmbH)

  • ®PEKASOLar 30-50% (per KÜHLSOLE GmbH)

  • Solarliquid L (Staub & Co Chemiehandels GmbH)

  • Tyfocor® L (Tyforop GmbH)

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