Are Dualsun panels compatible with the EcoFasten - Rock-It 3.0 mounting system?


Dualsun FLASH and SPRING panels are compatible with EcoFasten's Rock-It 3.0 system.


Important: The mounting solutions of the Rock-It Clip SS or Rock-It Clip 2.0 for micro inverters and optimizers are not compatible with the Dualsun SPRING panels.

  • Roof type: Tile and shingles

  • Installation methods: Portrait and Landscape



You can also consult the documents of the Rock-It 3.0 system available on the EcoFasten website and watch the EcoFasten Rock-It 3.0 video which details the assembly steps of this overlay installation system.


For more details about the installation of Dualsun panels on the roof : What mounting systems can be used to install Dualsun SPRING panels on roofs?


To check the compatibility of Dualsun Spring and Flash panels with over-imposition installation systems: Compatibility table - Super-imposition