Are Dualsun SPRING panels compatible with THERMOR domestic hot water calorifiers (PECS)?


Yes, Dualsun SPRING panels can be used with THERMOR brand PECS tanks:

  • a submerged heat exchanger is located in the bottom position of the tank

  • there is a immersion sleeve available to add a sensor (It ist the S2 temperature sensor of the solar regulator) 

  • there is an electric backup in the tank located above the solar exchanger

However, it is important to take into account that these tanks are not optimized for solar operation given the small volume of water between the electrical resistance and the bottom of the exchanger.

Important note: It is mandatory to pilot the wall version (as the resistance is vertical and starts from the bottom of the tank) whereas it is not mandatory to pilot the on the ground version as explained in this article :  When is it necessary to control the auxiliary heating with Dualsun solar controller?

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Energy label with the Thermor PCES tank:

Assumptions made for the tank :

Assumptions made for the Dualsun SLL solar station:

  • solar pump electricity consumption (W): 23

  • regulator standby consumption (W): 0.6

Consider the following labels with 4 and 6 Dualsun SPRING panels:

  • Label CESI Dualsun Thermor PCES - 4 PVT 

  • Label CESI Dualsun Thermor PCES - 6 PVT

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