What are the hot water solar tanks compatible with Dualsun SPRING panels?


Single exchanger tank

To be compatible with our SPRING panels, water heating tanks must respect the following rules :

  • Exchanger integrated at the bottom of the tank

  • Temperature hole at the middle of the exchanger in order to add a temperature probe used for the system regulation

  • Electrical resistance above the heat exchanger for the complement if necessary


Schematic visualization of single coil tank with electric heating 

Double exchanger tank

It is also possible to use a double exchanger tank, as long as it meets the conditions above, and the exchanger (or coil) of the generator (boiler, heat pump) is located in the upper part of the tank, without a zone in common with the solar coil.


Schematic visualization of double coil tank with boiler

List of compatible tanks

In order to help you choosing the right solar tank you can consult the following link (non exhaustive) of tanks for which we have validated the compatibility

EN - DualSun - Solar tank compatibility

Is it possible to add a solar tank upstream of an existing "conventional" DHW tank?

In the opposite, if you have a regular tank (without exchanger) this one could potentially be reused but in anycase it will be necessary to add a solar tank to the installation as shown in the following schematic:

Schematic visualization of solar tank pre heating a regular electric heating tank


However, it should be pointed out that this is not ideal with regard to the size of the technical room (2 tanks instead of one).  

This connection must be made in the following order: 

  • Empty the water heater of its water

  • Disconnect the cold water supply to the water heater.

  • Install the solar cylinder with its peripherals (solar station, roof lines, temperature sensor at the heat exchanger at the bottom of the solar cylinder, etc.).

  • Connect the cold water supply to the solar storage tank.

  • Connect the hot water outlet of the solar cylinder to the cold water inlet of the water heater. It is preferable to install a non-return valve on this hydraulic line to prevent the thermosiphon effect of circulating hot water from the water heater to the cooler water in the solar storage tank.


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