Is Dualsun compatible with the Alliantz Balpac Pro thermodynamic water heater?


Yes, the Dualsun SPRING hybrid panels can be coupled with the Alliantz Balpac Pro thermodynamic water heater.

However, it is not possible to link the solar control system with the intelligence of the water tank because the compressor of the heat pump unit does not have a safety time delay for switching off and on when an external signal is given. There would therefore be a risk of damage to the compressor if such wiring were to be carried out.

The solar system and the water tank can then be operated simultaneously, then reducing the solar yield during the day if the water tank is in operation.


The location of the solar temperature sensor S2:


The location in which the solar temperature sensor S2 has to be inserted is given by the element (9) in the diagram below: 

Note that this diagram represents the VT3132 model having two internal heat exchangers (in the bottom and the top). The VT3131 model has only one in the bottom.


These thermodynamic balloons do not allow hourly programming of operation, it will be essential to use an external clock (see below for the manufacturer's instructions) to control the operation of the heat pump integrated in the thermodynamic balloons. This is to benefit from the free thermal solar contribution during the hours of sunshine.

The time slots to be programmed on the clock depend on the customer's consumption habits and the hours of solar heating, we recommend the following time slots:

  • Evening showers: 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.

  • Showers in the morning: 02:00 to 08:00

The NC dry contact of the clock will be wired to terminals 5 and 6 of terminal block CN5, see diagram below:



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