Which cable section should be used to connect the panels electrically to the grid?


Section of the cables for all Dualsun SPRING and FLASH range is 4.0mm².  This section has been calculated according to the intensity of the current (A). 

While installing panels you can connect them to : 

  • The micro-inverters, for which you need to take into account electrical caracteristics of the micro inverter, and especially AC maximum current output (A) in order to dimension your cable going to the switchboard.

  • The central inverters and optimizers for which extensions are often used. In this case sections of the cable must be equal to those of the panels in order to optimize line losses. 

For big projects it might be necessary in some cases to connect a few strings in parallel.
In this case cable must be dimensioned function of maximal current, distance between the 2 points and usage (AC or DC).

For that it is possible to consult tables of cable section function of length and maximal current. 


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