What are the electrical connections on Dualsun panels?


The junction boxes of Dualsun modules have MC4 connectors (Stäubli MC4 EVO2). These connectors are compatible with all microinverters with MC4 connectivity (i.e. most microinverters on the market, for example Enphase).

Indeed, according to the UTE15-712 standard, all PV connectors must be identical.

NB: some panels have been delivered equipped with HC4 connectors and pre-assembled HC4/MC4 adapters. In any case these adapters are the MC4 connectors that the installer must connect to the panels.


What standards are met by the MC4-Compatible "RenheSolar - RH05-6" connectors that equip some Dualsun panels?

 Rehne Solar's 05-6 connectors are IEC 62852:2014 certified:


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