What is the resistance of photovoltaic panels to acoustic vibrations?


To date there is no standardized test to assess the impact of sound vibrations, particularly in the resonance frequency range for photovoltaic modules.

However, modules are regularly installed near ventilation or cooling units on the roof, which also produce significant acoustic and vibration waves. To date, the industry has never detected any risk in this regard.

In addition, the effect of wind on vibration wave amplitudes are necessarily much higher than those of sound vibrations. And despite the diversity of scenarios related to winds, photovoltaic modules have never been the subject of field feedback on the possible impact of performance or durability.


Note: glass-glass modules are more resistant to pressure and depression phenomena than glass-Tedlar modules. If the use of glass-Tedlar modules is not contraindicated, the use of glass-glass modules would further limit the possible impact of vibrations on the performance of the module over time.


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