What is the estimated time to install 4 to 6 hybrid DualSun panels on a house?


To estimate DualSun installation costs our tool MyDualSun of energy and economic simulation was developed and based on reliable assumptions of exposure time.
To estimate the time required for a DualSun installation watch the installation instruction video tutorial.

For a house with 4 or 6 hybrid DualSun SPRING panels

Here is some information gathered from our installers regarding the installation of DualSun panels.

  •   Human resources: 3 people

  •       Plumber work in the machine room and bring the hydraulic pipes to the roof.

  •       Fitters work on the roof to set up the fastening system and install the solar panels.


Day 1

Day 2

Machine Room = Plumber


Roof = fitters




Example of planning 

Day 1

  • The fitters arrive on site, install scaffolding and safety equipment. They climb on the roof, install the fastening system

  • The plumber installs the solar tank and the solar station. He runs the hydraulic lines from the technical room to the roof and back together with the installers. 


Day 2

  • The fitters install the panels, proceed to the electrical and hydraulic connections of the panels.

  • The plumber positions and connects the DualSun solar station to the solar tank and makes the hydraulic connections of the domestic water to the new tank. 

  • He then performs a water pressure test during which he and the fitters go around the connections to check the tightness of the circuit.  

  • At the end of the day or the next morning, the hydraulic commissioning of the system can take place.