What are the advantages of Dualsun SLL controller over pressurized systems?


The DualSun SLL controller is specifically configured for DualSun panels in Solar Water Heating application with or without pool discharge. 

Compact, it offers 10 pre-configured systems. 

Its functionality has been optimized for use in small and medium sized solar and conventional heating systems. It is also the first controller of its kind to include an automatic function control according to VDI guideline 2169. 

Its potential-free low-voltage relay (R4) in combination with the solar load and time management allows fine control of the auxiliary heating.

It offers the possibility to control an additional heat pump, boiler or electric resistance to optimize the solar energy production :

  • Activation of a dry contact (R4) in parallel with the operation of the solar circulator: this function inhibits the switching on of the auxiliary heating when the free calories of the solar energy can be used.

  • Management of the switch-on times of the booster based on the household's DHW drawing profile and solar production hours.

Its impulse input also allows to perform calorimetric balances, and is compatible with the DualSun KM2 T-Box communication module for online monitoring of thermal performance.


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