How can I monitor the production of DualSun solar panels?


To follow the production of DualSun solar panels we have several tools including results in real time!


With T-Box, follow your thermal production in real time

Is your DualSun hybrid solar module running? We suggest an essential tool to follow the thermal behavior of your installation day in and day out, the communication box T-Box.

The T-Box is very easy to use; you just need to connect your MyDualSun personalized space to be assured of the continuous thermal operation of your installation.


Photovoltaic production

On the PV monitoring side, inverter manufacturers often offer monitoring platforms such as Envoy by Enphase or Sunnyhome by SMA. You will find your photovoltaic production data on these platforms.


Monitor these DualSun installations in real time!


DHW & pool heating

Two DualSun installations screened by a specialized engineering consulting firm

We asked Transénergie to make very precise measurements on the thermal performance of two of our facilities located in the Lyon region. You will love the results!


For more information on this study, check out our blog post: