What are the conditions of use of the SLL solar station?


The DualSun SLL solar station is equipped with a pump (also called circulator) and a 6 bar safety valve which are the 2 elements that define its maximum range of use in terms of flow and height.


1°) The pump ensures a good operating flow rate for installations of up to 12 panels. 

For more information, see : What is the power of the circulator of the DualSun solar station? 


2°) The 6 bar safety valve allows installations up to a maximum height of 40 metres. 

The DualSun Spring hybrid solar panels, with a maximum stagnation temperature of 80°C, generate only limited expansion and no vaporization of the heat transfer fluid.  

On the other hand, Spring heat exchangers are made of polypropylene, a material with elastic mechanical properties. As a result, a pressure variation is generally observed after filling for commissioning. The heat exchangers perfectly assimilate slight variations in pressure. 

The safety valve is therefore of no use to protect the panels from overpressure.  However, this safety element is mandatory according to the solar thermal regulations and must be fitted to all solar stations.


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