Why use a 6 bar valve if the maximum operating sensor pressure is 1.5 bar?


The maximum operating pressure of the hybrid DualSun Spring panel is 1.5 bar. It can be increased up to 2 bar during the filling phase only.

A 6 bar safety valve at the solar station allows the filling of systems with a maximum height difference of 39 metres between the technical room and the modules.

Please note that this 6 bar safety valve does not protect the hybrid module against overpressure: it must be subjected to a maximum pressure of 2 bar during filling.

It is therefore necessary to be very vigilant when commissioning the system so as not to exceed the maximum pressure in the panels (2 bars).

The installer is entirely responsible for compliance with this instruction. The DualSun SLL solar station is labelled with a warning label to remind you of the maximum filling pressure setpoint.



The operating pressure to be set at the end of commissioning is P = 1.5 + H/10.