What is the water temperature at the outlet of a DualSun SPRING panel?


The temperature at the outlet of our DualSun SPRING panels depends on several conditions:

  • Solar irradiation (denoted as G, in Watt/m²)

  • Outdoor air temperature

  • Wind speed

  • Flow rate circulating through our panels

  • Inlet temperature of the panels, which depends on the usage (Domestic water heating, solarothermal heat pumps, geothemral probes.

In France, the temperature range of our panels during normal fonctionnement are: 

PVT model


Min (°C)

Max (°C)

Insulated SPRING (SPRING4 425 TOPCon insulated
or SPRING 425 Shingle black insulated)

Domestic heat water



Pressurized pool heating system



Non insulated SPRING
(SPRING4 425 TOPCon non  insulated or
SPRING 425 Shingle Black non insulated)

Geothermal probes coupling



Solarothermal Heat pump (heliopac system+



Finned SPRING4 

Solarothermal Heat pump (DHW or heating)




⚠️ Be careful not to confuse outlet temperature and stagnation temperature.
Indeed, in the event that the panel reaches its stagnation temperature, the water leaving the panel would be 70 to 80°C (depending on the SPRING versions). This temperature would drop quite quickly with the transfer of heat to a solar tank or a heat pump for example.


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