How to install DualSun SPRING3 panels?


It is important to distinguish between our two generations of SPRING currently available:

  • The SPRING3, with its polymer exchanger, sold from July 2022 in the following versions:

    • SPRING 425 Shingle Black insulated - DSTI425M12-B320SBB7

    • SPRING 425 Shingle Black non-insulated - DSTN425M12-B320SBB7

  • The SPRING4 with its aluminum exchanger, marketed from May 2024 in the following versions:

    • SPRING4 425 TOPCon insulated - DSTI425-108M10TB-03

    • SPRING4 425 TOPCon non-insulated - DSTN425-108M10TB-03

    • SPRING4 425 TOPCon with fins - DSTF425-108M10TB-03

For more details on the specifications of the models, you can refer to the dedicated article:

What material is used for the SPRING panel heat exchanger?


To facilitate their routing in a maximum of configurations, the DualSun hydraulic connections have been developed to allow a connection in portrait or landscape mode, it is thus possible to adapt the hydraulic connections according to the desired layout and also bypass obstacles between the panels and the roof.


Know more about layout configurations possible with DualSun DualQuickfit links.


Correct assembly SPRING3

Junction boxes on the same side


Important: be sure to install the panels DualSun SPRING SHINGLE with the junction box on the same side on each hydraulic line to connect the DualQuickfit hydraulic links.


Incorrect assembly SPRING3 

Junction boxes in opposition


To find those information in the SPRING installation manual.