What are the Normal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT) values for DualSun Panels ?


The photovoltaic characteristics of Dualsun panels at low sunlight (NOCT values) are available on the table linked bellow. These are measurements of the performance of photovoltaic panels under more realistic test conditions than STC (Standard Test Conditions).

EN - Dualsun - NOCT Dualsun Panels

The NOCT (Normal Cell Operating Temperature) conditions are as follows :

  • Solar irradiation of 800 W/m2

  • Wind of 1m/s of wind

  • Outside temperature of 20°C

  • Air mass coefficient of 1.5

The air mass coefficient depends on the thickness of the atmosphere through which the sun's rays pass. It is used to estimate the solar radiation spectrum at a given location.

The same panel performance are measured in NOCT conditions as in STC, i.e. :

  • Nominal power (Pmpp)

  • Voltage at maximum power (Vmpp)

  • Current at maximum power (Impp)

  • Open circuit voltage (Vco)

  • Short-circuit intensity (Isc)

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