What are the characteristics of the FLASH 500 Half-Cut Glass-Glass panel?


Is the maximum panel load still 5,400 Pa despite the bi-glass?

Yes, our glass-glass panels have not yet been subjected to pressure/depression tests greater than 5400 Pa / 2400 Pa. We can of course expect better results but the tests have not yet been launched.


Are the busbars copper?

Mostly yes, with the following rates:

  • Inter-cell connector ("busbar"): Copper ≥99.97% - Conductivity (%IACS)=100

  • Inter-string connector ("ribbon"): Copper ≥99.95% - Conductivity (%IACS)=100


What is the impact of albedo on bifacial roof technology?

The maximum performance improvement thanks to the bi-facial is 30% in most scenarios thanks to a reflection rate that can range from 15% on grass to 75% on a white ground.



What is the efficiency of the cells in this panel?

The FLASH 500 Half-Cut Glass-Glass cells have an efficiency of 23.0%.


Is the recyclability rate improved due to the glass-glass technology?

The recycling organization SOREN indicates that they do not distinguish between mono and bi-glass. These "framed crystalline" panels are sent to the same recycling line which gives them a recyclability rate of 94.7%.


That said, glass is actually more recyclable than a tedlar backsheet since SOREN recycles glass in the form of a product, so the polymers of a module like the backsheet are intended to be burned to make electricity and heat.


What is the warranty period for this panel and the loss of performance over time?

This panel, due to the bi-glass composition, has a 30-year guarantee, extendable by 5 years under the condition of warranty validation by you or your installer on your MyDualSun account.

Warranty on production is 30years (85% of Pn).

Who distributes these panels?

This panel was previewed by DualSun in September 2022 for its platinum installers only, i.e. installers who meet the highest level of training at DualSun. This partnership allows DualSun to validate its new products over a limited period of time and volume.

You can consult the technical sheet of FLASH 500 Half-Cut Glass-Glass


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