What are the photovoltaic specifications of DualSun panel?


Flash test tolerance

Flash-test tolerance indicates the power loss/gain observed under STC conditions (Text =25°C, G=1000W/M²) compared to the advertised power of the panel. For example for the flash 410 half-cut white the tolerance is 0/+3% whereas for the flash 375 half cut black it is +/-5W, which is +/-1.3%.


Cell Efficiency and Module Efficiency:

Electrical efficiency is expressed as a percentage and corresponds to the power output divided by the surface area.

The efficiency of the cell (unit of about ten cm side) is greater than that of the module (the panel).

This is because the photovoltaic cell is tested raw, while the panel is tested complete with the encapsulant (glass and EVA) whose optical efficiency is less than 100% due to reflection and absorption phenomena.

It is to be noted that the cells, due to their geometry, do not systematically cover the entire panel. 


Minimum Guaranteed Efficiency:

The minimum guaranteed efficiency is the efficiency of the module tested and validated at the factory. This is the value we share on our datasheets as it represents the panel's performance while incorporating the maximum power tolerance. This means it is calculated based on the minimum power measured at the factory (maximum power minus the tolerance). It is thus more universal and allows for better comparison between panels.


Temperature loss coefficient

The increase in temperature of a solar panel exposed to the sun has the effect of reducing its voltage and its intensity. The resulting power (P=UxI) also decreases: this is the Degradation of maximum power of the you module.

This coefficient is different for each DualSun panel and is around 0.35%/°C. 


To know the exact values ​​of each of our panels in the catalog you can find the value on the back of our technical sheets in the technical documentation area.

All photovoltaic modules must measure their loss coefficient during photovoltaic standard tests IEC61215: "10.4 Measurement of temperature coefficients".


In order to reduce the impact of this effect on yield, DualSun SPRING panels, thanks to the DualBoost effect, contain this drop in yield.


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