What are the warranties for Dualsun products?


Dualsun panels are covered by the product warranty and the photovoltaic performance warranty, and if you have a problem with a defective panel under warranty, Dualsun offers parts and labor support.



Dualsun guarantees that its panels are free of any mechanical defect that would affect the proper functioning of the installation.


Dualsun guarantees the electrical power of its panels for 25 to 30 years.



Dualsun covers the cost of labor and spare parts in the event of a product defect. In other words, if a panel is faulty, the customer who owns the system has nothing to pay.


The guarantees detailed below apply to all installations completed from March 1, 2023.

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1. Product warranty

Dualsun panels are designed and manufactured to last over time. The quality of our materials and the mastery of our manufacturing processes allow us to offer some of the most important product guarantees on the market.

The Dualsun product warranties depend on the type of product.


The SPRING range benefits from a 30-year product warranty for the photovoltaïc part of the panel and from a 10-year product warranty for the thermal part of the panel, from the date of installation, under the condition of the activation of the warranties.

In order to activate your warranty, please complete the commissioning report with the help of your installer.

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Dualsun FLASH Half-Cut Black and FLASH Half-Cut White 

Those panels benefits from a 25-year product guarantee under the condition of the activation of the guarantees. Otherwise, the product warranty is 20 years.

  • Dualsun FLASH Half-Cut Glass-Glass, FLASH Half-Cut Glass-Glass TOPCon and FLASH Shingle

Those panels benefits from a 30-year product guarantee under the condition of the activation of the guarantees. Otherwise, the product warranty is 25 years.

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The accessories, excluding DualQuickFit inter-panels connections and inlet-outlet fitting kits for SPRING panels, benefit from a 2-year warranty from their installation at the user customer's premises.


How to activate your warranties?
















1) Installation completed by your installer

2) Declare the installation as "installed" on MyDualsun

3) For a SPRING® installation, transmit the information of the report 

4) Warranties are activated!

Receive your warranty certificate by e-mail and enjoy your installation with peace of mind.

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The consequences of the warranties offered by Dualsun are insured for 10 years by an insurance contract with the company Chubb (via a subsequent 10-year warranty that covers all equipment sold by Dualsun). This means that even in case of failure of Dualsun, the named insurer could take over Dualsun's insurances for a period of 10 years after failure. Chubb is the world's largest publicly traded P&C insurance company.


NB: Subsequent Coverage is the coverage that remains after a policy has been terminated. When the coverage is based on the victim's claim, the coverage normally terminates on the date the policy is terminated. However, the subsequent guarantee can be activated in the event of the insured's cessation of activity, in this case Dualsun.


2. Photovoltaic performance warranty

Thanks to the quality of our materials, the rigorous control of our manufacturing processes and the aging tests carried out, Dualsun can guarantee the electrical power supplied by its panels for 25 or 30 years depending on the models.


The photovoltaic performance guaranteed by Dualsun is defined by:

  • A warranty period, described in the table below,

  • A warranty level, specified in the "guarantees" block of the product data sheets available on the documentation area of the Dualsun.com website


Duration of the Photovoltaic Performance Guarantee

Dualsun SPRING

hybrid panels

30 years, from the date of installation.

Dualsun FLASH

Half-Cut Black and 

Half-Cut White panels

25 years, from the date of installation.

Dualsun FLASH

Shingle panels


30 years, from the date of installation

 The photovoltaic yield guarantee varies according to the product, please refer to the product data sheet.

As an example, FLASH 425 Half-Cut Glass-Glass TOPCon panel in, after 25 years of operation, we guarantee our panels an electrical power of 89.4.1% compared to their initial power. 


3. Labor support

When the product is defective, Dualsun offers professionals a fixed labor charge.



For SPRING hybrid panels, the labor package is €500 for each technician visit for the removal and replacement of defective eligible products, subject to the activation of guarantees. Dualsun also pays for the consumables needed to put the installation back into service, on presentation of the invoice (e.g. glycol, seals).



For FLASH photovoltaic panels, the labor package is €200 for each technician visit and 25€ per defective panel for the removal and replacement of defective eligible products, subject to the activation of guarantees.


The following conditions must be met:

  • The product is defective (subject to panel expertise by Dualsun teams)

  • The work must be carried out within 2 years of the claim date

  • Installer must submit claim for reimbursement within 6 months of completion of work

  • The installation must have a power of less than 500 kWp


How to proceed in case of a problem with your Dualsun installation?

First, contact your installer who will put you in touch with the Dualsun tech support team if needed. Your installation will be analyzed and an expert will study the defected product if necessary. If the defect falls under the conditions of the warranty, Dualsun will replace the product.


Why is there a warranty difference between the Dualsun FLASH and SPRING panels?

First of all, it must be understood that the guarantee of photovoltaic panels over 25 years is a guarantee that is quite exceptional in the world of industry. Few products are guaranteed so long, and this is justified by high reliability over time of solar panels and the robustness of the design and good control of the production. 

The first feedback shows installations that are up to 40 years old, this is why it is important not to confuse guarantee and lifetime. Our 10-year Dualsun SPRING warranty does not mean that our panel will deteriorate in 10 years : its lifespan is much longer, as proven by the aging tests carried out to obtain our certifications.

In addition, it is a substantial guarantee compared to what is done in the solar thermal industry or heating equipment. (for example: air/water heat pumps are generally guaranteed for 2 years, 5 years for thermodynamic water heaters, 2 years for conventional solar water heaters, etc.)


What happens to a defective panel?

Dualsun is a member of the SOREN association (former PV cycle) which supports the recycling of solar panels.

▶️ You can access here the legal documentation for warranties

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