Are Dualsun SPRING panels compatible with the Renusol Console+ (CS+) mounting system?


Yes, Dualsun SPRING panels are compatible with the Renusol Console+ system.

  • Roof type: Flat roof

  • Possible layout: Landscape - Ballasted mounting system


In order to elevate the SPRING modules with regard to the mounting system and to allow the DN15 hydraulic links to be routed in landscape, it is necessary to order at the same time with CS+ system:

  • SPRING 300: 1 x 4200 mm long MS-P rail - Renusol part no. 400406. A rail can be fitted on 2 CS+ frames by cutting it in 4 lengths of 1050 mm

  • SPRING 375 SHINGLE: 2 x 3600 mm long MS-P rail - Renusol part no. 400405. Cut each rail into 3 lengths of 1200 mm. 2 x 3600 mm rails can equip 3 CS+ frames

  • 8 x M8x14 hexagonal head bolts - Renusol part no. 900016

  • 8 x M8 washers - Renusol part no. 900054

  • 8 x M8 nuts - Renusol part no. 900057

  • 4 x end clamps for 35 mm frame - Renusol part no. R420081 or R420081-BE (black)

 Note: Washers to place between the nuts and the CS+ frame

 The Dualsun Spring DN15 hydraulic connections can thus run between the panel and the CS+ frame.

Important: The gap between panels shall not exceed 20 mm. Place the frames side by side and position the links inside the frames, under the rails, before installing the panels. Connect the hydraulic links when  laying each panel. 



You can also consult the Console+ system documents available on the Renusol website.

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