Are DualSun panels compatible with a dual flow controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV)?


DualSun panels are compatible only with thermodynamic double flow CMVs, but not with standard double flow CMVs.

Indeed, there are systems combining double flow ventilation and thermodynamic water heaters, to our knowledge, such as Pichler, Nilan or Genvex. It is then possible to combine the DualSun solar panels to these combined systems. We have a pilot installation  of this type with a study underway to check its energy performance.

On conventional double flow ventilation, this is technically incompatible in the absence of a water exchanger. Indeed, the double-flow ventilation is an air / air heat exchanger so hot water DualSun panels cannot be operated directly.

It would be possible to run the hot-water pipes near the heat exchanger to provide heat but the pipes of the solar installation must be insulated to prevent losses to the hot water tank and especially to avoid condensation. So the heat transfer would be bad.