Are Dualsun SPRING panels compatible with the Inelio system of FHE?


Yes, the SPRING hybrid solar panels can be coupled with the FHE Inelio system ensuring both space heating and domestic hot water when the Tank in Tank solar storage is used: 



Hydraulic connection:

  • the fitting sr has to be used for the hot outlet of the SPRING panels

  • the fitting sv has to be used for the cold inlet in the SPRING panels


temperature probe location (S2 in the Dualsun regulator):

The temperature probe S2 needed for the thermal circuit control has to be inserted in the immersion sleeve tm available in the lower part of the water tank and integrated between the inlet and outlet of the SPRING solar panels. 


It is worth mentioning that the Inelio system is composed of one interior unit of a thermochemical energy storage which uses the excess of photovoltaic production : please click here to see the manual of use and installation.

And here is the link to the
Air/Water monobloc heat pump use and installation manual.