Are Dualsun panels compatible with the K2 Systems MiniRail mounting system?


Yes and this compatibility has been studied numerically and attested by an independent Control Office which has issued a New Technology Investigation (NTI) to confirm it, see details below. 

The Dualsun FLASH and SPRING panels are therefore compatible with the MiniRail system from K2 Systems

  • Roofing types: Trapezoidal sheet metal 

  • Certification : Dualsun SPRING and FLASH panels are integrated in ETN 010T1709

  • Installation methods: Portrait and Landscape


You can also consult the MiniRail system documents available on the K2 Systems website and watch the K2 MiniRail video which details the assembly steps of this overlay laying system.

To consult the compatibility of DualSun Spring and Flash panels with the superimposition mounting systems: Compatibility table - Superimposition installation

For more details about the installation of Dualsun panels on the roof :
What mounting systems can be used to install Dualsun SPRING panels on roofs? 

Details for installers:

Installation of panels in portrait / DN15 Dualsun DualQuickfit links in landscape:

Line of up to 6 panels in portrait with thermal separation between lines of 6 panels.

Hydraulic connection of up to 6 panels in column


  1. Locate the corrugations where the Dualsun DualQuickfit hydraulic links will be located

  2. Lay the hydraulic links in the corrugation troughs of the trapezoidal sheet and parallel to the ribs.

  3. Lay the MiniRail rails so that the panels rest on the blue areas below.

    • Min. rail spacing = 650 mm

    • Max. rail spacing = 950 mm

    • Centre the panel on the centre distance of the rails


  4. Attach the DualSun DualQuickfit hydraulic hoses to the K2 MiniRail with quick-clamps. The hydraulic hoses must run between the trapezoidal sheet and the rails. Caution, do not tighten, the hoses must be able to move freely.

  5. Place the first panel on the rails

  6. Insert the DualSun DualQuickfit fittings into the manifolds of the DualSun SPRING panels

  7. Position the first panel so that the hydraulic fitting at the top of the panel (right side, front view) is as close as possible to the rib without touching it. Keep a minimum distance of 6 mm between the DualQuickfit connector and the rib


  8. Centre the panel on the centre distance of the rails

  9. Fasten the panel to the rails with the K2 MiniClamp K2 clamps 

Up to 6 panels can be aligned in a row side by side in portrait format.

Thermally separate every 6 panels to prevent the DualQuickfit hydraulic connection from interfering with the rib of the trapezoidal sheet.

Place the first module of the new line of 6 panels as shown above.