Are DualSun panels compatible with the ATLANTIC SOLERIO OPTIMUM 2 tank?


YES, DualSun SPRING panels are compatible with the SOLERIO OPTIMUM 2 tank from ATLANTIC, subject to the following checks:

  • Solar controller: The controller tank is pre-parametrized with the following values (non-modifiable parameters):

  • Delta_T ON : +7°C

  • Delta_T OFF : +3°C

  • Minimum triggering temperature: +30°C

These values, although slightly different from the DualSun recommendations, are acceptable and allow the system to function properly.

  • Solar station: The solar station of this tank has no contraindication for DualSun compatability.

  • Expansion tank: The standard expansion tank for this model has a volume of 18L for a 300L tank.
    The DualSun recommendation in most cases is to install an expansion tank of 15L. The expansion tank of the Solerio tank is compliant.