Can I install a regulation/control unit to optimize my PV self-consumption?


Yes, this is possible. With your DualSun installation, you can install a regulation/control unit to optimize your photovoltaic generation for home use.

First, recall that a DualSun panel is simultaneously photovoltaic (electricity) and thermal (domestic hot water).
In the thermal part, ALL the energy produced is used entirely within the home.
With the photovoltaic part, often the system will produce more electricity than the house consumes.

Today, there are a number of systems (e.g. Eliosys, Mylight, Comwatt) that allow you to optimize your rates of electricity consumption through “intelligent control” in order to balance consumption with production of electricity.

This means if I produce more electricity than I consume, the control unit will reroute the surplus of electricity by for example turning on an appliance (which can be programmed and run by the unit) or the electric water heater. This way what would be surplus electricity production is consumed in your home.

These systems are of course compatible with a DualSun installation.