Are the DualSun panels in the Polysun software developed by VelaSolaris?


Yes, DualSun panels are included in the product library of the Polysun software developed by the Swiss company Velasolaris.

DualSun panels in Polysun


  • FLASH 300 Black

  • FLASH 315 Black 

  • FLASH 320 Black

  • FLASH 360 Half-Cut Grey

  • FLASH 370 Half-Cut Grey

  • FLASH 375 Half-Cut White

  • FLASH 375 Half-Cut Black

  • FLASH 375 Shingle Black

  • FLASH 400 Shingle Black

  • FLASH 405 Half-Cut White

  • FLASH 500 Half-Cut Black 


  • SPRING 300 Isolated

  • SPRING 300 Non-Isolated

  • SPRING 310 Isolated 

  • SPRING 310 Non-Isolated

  • SPRING 315 Isolated

  • SPRING 315 Non-Isolated

  • SPRING 375 Shingle Black Isolated

  • SPRING 375 Shingle Black Non-Isolated

  • SPRING 400 Shingle Black Isolated

  • SPRING 400 Shingle Black Non-Isolated


If your panel is not present in the software library:

Don't worry, it means it’s in progress and will be added soon ! Nevertheless, while waiting for the next software update, you can add it manually.

To do this, duplicate the last SPRING panel you find in the DualSun panel list (preferably the most powerful one):



Then replace the photovoltaic characteristics according to the data sheet of the new panel you would like to use


Do not touch the other information or the thermal coefficients: these change only slightly from one SPRING panel version to another, and they must be recalculated by Velasolaris, so your simulation will be correct without changing them.