How is the microinverter mounted to the DualSun FLASH AC panel?


The IQ7 Enphase microinverter is mounted on a self-locking slide plate on the rear panel of the DualSun FLASH AC module.


The FLASH AC panel is delivered with the microinverter plated in low position.
In this position, the microinverter does not protrude beyond the edge of the frame.


Before installing the FLASH AC panel on the roof, the microinverter must be deployed to ensure good ventilation between the microinverter and the rear side of the module. A safety device prevents connection of the Q-Cable as long as the microinverter is not deployed.


To remove it from its housing, simply pull the microinverter from either side, the self-locking slide plate will hold the microinverter in the deployed position.






After deployment, the microinverter protrudes from the frame edge by 15 mm, this is its operating position.






Important note: Allow a minimum space of 19 mm between the roof and the microinverter.