What is the process for grounding a rooftop installation?


The grounding cable of the photovoltaic solar panels and of the installation as a whole must have a minimum cross-sectional area, which depends on the length of the cable itself.

The length of the cable is taken between the installation and the ground rod.

Minimum cross-section of the earth cable:

  • 6 mm² if the cable length is less than 30m.

  • 10 mm² if the cable length is more than 30m.

The ground cable must connect the panel mounting structure directly to the ground rod without connection to the electric board.

Then the panels on the roof must be connected to the ground via the mounting structure.

Depending on the mounting systems, grounding is ensured via the fastening elements of the solar panels.

If this is not the case a ground cable is to be installed between the panels and the mounting structure by means of ground claws, or else using notched washers.

See paragraph 4.3 of the installation instructions for the DualSun Flash and DualSun Spring panels for more information.