Can DualSun SPRING panels be installed on several roof sections ?


Two scenarios are to be considered depending on whether the roof sections are split with the same orientation or if the roof sections have a different orientation, for example East / West :


1. The roof sections have the same orientation

The solution is to connect the fields of panels in parallel on the same hydraulic loop

Care must be taken to balance the pipe lengths between the two fields.




If the panel fields consist of a different number of panels it is advisable to install a hydraulic balancing valve at the inlet of one of the fields and to set the flow rate at the solar station and at the balancing valve to 1 L/min/panel.  





2. The roof sections have different orientations (east - west) :




A SPRING temperature sensor (PT1000 FKP4) must be placed on a panel of each field to be able to manage the fluid flow in one or the other of these fields. 


One SPRING temperature probe will be connected to terminal block S1 and the other SPRING temperature probe will be connected to terminal block S4 of the DualSun SLL controller. 


In this case n°2, a circulation pump must also be added so that the two panel fields can be used independently of each other.


For this purpose, system 7 of the DualSun SLL solar control must be used.


Relays R1 and R2 must be set in PSOL mode to control the two circulators independently. 


Activation of the circulators:

  • R1 = measured temperature difference between S1 (field no. 1) and S2 (bottom of storage tank).

  • R2 = temperature difference between S4 (field no. 2) and S2 (bottom of the storage tank).

The circulation pump 1 must be connected to the PWMA signal and the circulation pump 2 to the PWMB. 

The setting of the activation/deactivation parameters remains unchanged:

  • DTON = 6

  • DTOFF = 2