Can DualSun panels be installed on solar trackers?


Yes, it is possible to install our FLASH panels on a solar tracker. However, we did not develop a solar tracker specific to our panels and our MyDualSun simulation tool does not take them into account.


A solar tracker is a mechanical device that allows, like a sunflower, the solar panels to follow the curve of the sun to capture as much sunlight as possible during the day


There are 2 types of solar tracker: on one axis (tracking the course of the sun) and on 2 axes (tracking the course of the sun but also optimizing the incidence).


A solar tracker has the following advantages:

  • Better performance than on a conventional photovoltaic installation.

  • It is energy efficient.

  • It is an independent structure: there is therefore no work to be planned on your roof. The application for a building permit is not compulsory.