How to do the maintenance of Dualsun panels ?


Maintenance of the thermal part : 

The maintenance of the Dualsun panel on a solar installation is no more difficult than the maintenance of the panel of a thermal solar installation. 

The heat transfer medium (glycol water) should be checked once every 5 years.

Its acidity should be checked with a Ph tester and its frost protection rate should be checked with a refractometer.

A maintenance contract for the solar panels can be set up with the installer, in order to plan one visit per year to your installation.

In addition, you can set up an energy production follow-up (monitoring) in order to monitor your Dualsun solar installation on a daily basis, without the need for a technical visit. Thanks to your performance monitoring, if you notice any problem, you can then consider the maintenance of the solar panel and the solar installation in general by contacting your installer.


Maintenance of the photovoltaic part : 

In general, the panels should be naturally cleaned by the rain. If you spot tenacious marks you a cleaning can be planned being really careful of safety (see Spring installation, use and maintenance manual for more information.)

The electrical connections of the roof panels and the condition of the protective sheaths should also be visually checked.

Finally, you must ensure that all the protective devices in the AC box are working correctly: use the "Test" button on the Differential Circuit Breaker and the Q-Relay if there is one.