Is it possible to install the hydraulic lines in front of the building?


Yes, it is possible to pass the hydraulic lines on the front of the building.


Depending on the edifice, it is not always possible or obvious to run the piping indoors, so it is sometimes necessary to go through the facade to climb up to the roof from the outside.


Whether the piping is made of copper, corrugated stainless steel or multilayer, it is always possible to run the piping outdoors. Although to limit as much as possible, the use of 90° elbowed fittings allows to exit and circulate cleanly along the facade.


It is advisable to protect the pipes in a trunking which will be more aesthetic, here is an example:




To go further, inquire about the diameter of the hydraulic lines between the Dualsun panels and the technical room and the need to insulate Dualsun hydraulic lines.