Are Dualsun SPRING panels suitable for "mobile" projects such as on a boat, a camper or a tiny-house?


Yes, the installation of our Dualsun panels on boats, motorhomes, yurts or tiny-houses is possible. However to use the thermal part of the panel it is necessary to systematically forecast the space needed for a hot water tank. Indeed, the tank is necessary too.

Our panel has been designed primarily to meet the energy needs of residential buildings and the hot water tank often takes a bit of space. This space is often limited in "mobile" projects and we do not have a standard solution for these applications at the moment.

If a space can be dedicated to the reception of a solar tank in the camper, the mobile home, the tiny-house, the boat, or any other mobile or semi-mobile project. Then, a detailed study can be done to define the feasibility of the project.

If not, we advise you to install photovoltaic panels suitable for this type of project.


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