Is it possible to melt the snow covering the DualSun hybrid solar panels?


Yes, it is possible to melt the snow on the DualSun hybrid solar panels.


The SLL controller supplied with the solar station has an antifreeze function to protect the fluid.

However, this function can be adapted to melt the snow on the panels.


WARNING! improper use of this function may cause discomfort to the user when drawing DHW (Sanitary Hot Water).


Here is how this function works: 

  • When the sensor temperature is below the preset TAGO value (Antifreeze Temperature On), the antifreeze function activates the heating circuit between the sensor and the tank in order to prevent the coolant from freezing and thickening. 

  • When the temperature of the sensor exceeds the preset TAGF (Temperature Antifreeze Off) value, the function deactivates the solar pump.

  • The antifreeze function is deactivated when the temperature in the selected tank is below 5 °C.