How does the MyDualsun simulation block work?


How is the production of the panel calculated on MyDualsun?

To calculate the energy production of the panels, the solar simulator MyDualsun can use two ways.

Firstly, the irradiation database PVGIS which allows us to obtain precise data worldwide for the calculation of photovoltaic production for our FLASH panels but also thermal production for our SPRING hybrid panels.

Once you arrive on the results page, you can restart your project with the dynamic thermal simulation softwarePolysun. It is Swiss software, developed by Vela Solaris which allows you will provide even more precision on your result. Polysun is one of the best energy system simulation software taking into account the multitude of varieties of systems available on the market.


How is the self-consumption rate calculated on MyDualsun?

Here again, two ways to calculate this self-consumption rate.

Either you have chosen to carry out a personalized simulation and therefore taken care to select each piece of equipment in your home. In this case, each piece of equipment is associated with a typical electrical profile. The overall consumption will be determined by the sum of the profiles of each piece of equipment. Then, with an hourly step using the Polysun dynamic simulation software, the consumption curve will be superimposed on the production curve. This way, we can accurately calculate a self-consumption rate.

If you have chosen not to select your equipment from the list, then we have estimated your electricity consumption based on the number of inhabitants in the home and the living space. To carry out the simulation and calculate a self-consumption rate, we therefore applied a typical residential profile to this consumption.

However, we leave the possibility to the user to manually adjust their self-consumption rate on the MyDualsun results page.


How is the energy injected into the network calculated on MyDualsun?

When production exceeds consumption, there is then an “extra” solar production. This extra is injected into the electricity network in real time. Our simulator is capable of calculating this quantity of energy resold on the network from the total electrical production of the solar panels and the quantity of self-consumed energy.


How is the gain for a swimming pool calculated?

The simulation report of a solar swimming pool heating project with MyDualsun  displays a temperature gain in °C on the result page. This data makes it possible to give an estimate of the “average” temperature gain provided by the Dualsun  SPRING hybrid solar panels compared to the same swimming pool without any heating equipment.

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