What is the impact of water consumption on the thermal output of Dualsun SPRING panels?



In a solar water heating system, the Dualsun SPRING panel discharges the heat from the panel into the tank to which it is hydraulically connected.

Once this tank is as hot as the panels, the solar circulator stops because the panels no longer have any additional heat to provide. As such, energy is stored in the tank as hot water.



However, if there is a draft of water in this tank, then the bottom of the tank is filled with cold water from the network, and the solar circulator will be able to activate again as the panels will again be hotter than the bottom of the ball.

This is why the solar thermal production of our Dualsun SPRING panels is directly linked to the daily consumption of domestic hot water: the more draft there is in the tank, the more the panels will be able to discharge their heat.

Furthermore, if you add SPRING panels but don't increase the consumption the thermal output of your panel will keep being the same.