Are Dualsun SPRING panels recommended for heating water from an indoor swimming pool?


It is not recommended to install Dualsun SPRING panels for indoor swimming pools of individual homes.

However, for indoor collective/municipal swimming pools, Yes it is recommended and our panels are already on several installations as you can see on the following installation : 120 Dualsun hybrid panels for an energy-efficient green pool in Australia (AU) 

For a residential pool:

Here is the exemple of a residential project with the installation of 10 Dualsun SPRING panels to heat a 20 m² indoor pool.

  • In the outdoor pool application, our panel provides approximately 400 kWh/m²/year in Marseille.

  • In the indoor pool application, the ambient air is already heated to the same temperature as the pool, often 28°C, and is saturated with humidity. Our studies thus show that thermal production drops to 150 kWh/m²/year due to this air/water temperature equivalence. This is why, so that the panels are used at their full power, we do not recommend installing these panels for an indoor pool.

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